We don’t have any Spyware or Malware, of course, we don’t even have ANY plugins or browser tools or software AT ALL!!! There was not a single piece of software for digstar that we provided for download! Anything your computer might have caught was not provided by us!

We please ask you to NOT download anything from these sites that state differently! it’s a defamation that not only refers to digstar, you can find similar pages for “yahoo malware” or “google malware”. These sites try to implement THEIR spyware on your computer!

Our legal team is taking care of this

but it will take some time to clean up google from these sites so we hope you will read this and hopefully we don’t loose your trust! If you have any questions please write an email, call or use our contact form! we are very interested in answerting all your questions and to be of help on this and clean up these very harmful rumors.


Our Premium Launch Gift

Important note: All premium options are for free until August 8th!! Thats our launch gift for you! Use that time to find out how CPCs and positions and volume work together! We won’t charge anything on your credit card or your other payment options

Post a Job – now available

Dear Advertisers,

it’s now possible to post your job offers to the DigStar Job Search! We have a free listing option and premium options to boost your ads and benefit from the amounts of daily visitors on! Premium Job Listings will rank above Job Listings and are highlighted, they are charged Cost per Click to fit just right in your budget plan. Find out more about Premium options here.

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